You have been my motivation in those days, and i love so much :)

From: Marina Amaral


I totally love Taylor, i know her songs a long time ago, since the first album!
Im a huge fan!

From: Dominique Deschatre


Taylor, you shine!
Thanks for everything you brought to me with your songs and the sweet way you are
I love Your!
Happy Birthday!

From: Peterson Leone


Twenty years ago, on December 13th, Taylor Alison Swift was born. Ok, lots of people are born every day. But she's a special girl.
Taylor, you are the best singer in the whole world. And Taylor, I'm one of your fans. I love you more than anything in the world
and you are the only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star (Does it make you remember something? lol). So, I’m writing this not only to say I love you, but also to say happy birthday to you! And,
I want you to know, Tay, that Brazil loves you. You have lots of fans here, who are just waiting to see you here. We love you so much, and we all want to go to your concert! So, Tay, come here someday. Tay, happy
birthday to you, have a great birthday, you deserve it.



From: Tarsila Bess


First of all, happy birthday. Then I want to say one little thing: I wish only the
bests things for you. You are great! Really! Brazil is knowing you and Brazil is
loving you too. If you want to know more about the country which loves you, visit
my twitter: @kinlucas. I love you. Happy b-day.
Xoxo from your number one fan,
Lucas K.

From: LUCAS Kindermann


I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Taylor so much, and love her songs much much more,especially You Belong With Me!

From: Beatriz Ananias


Happy B-day Taylor...
The most beautiful blond princess that could ever exist...

From: Rafaela Mendes


Heey Taylor!
I'm so happy for you! Your sweet 20! But today
I just want to say Happy Birthday, more and more sucess always
because you deserve it! You are an amazing person and keep being who you are.

From: Emanuelle Baron


Taylor, u dont know how much u mean 2 me, really! Indirectly u helped me in so many problems that I went trough this year, with ur songs, that always makes my days better and cheer me up whenever I'm feeling bad, even with my grades in school u helped me, cuz when I started 2 let go of my studies, one day I received a very bad test (of school) and atarted 2 think that like, u finished school even with a lot of commitments and
touring and my only responsability is with school and how u'd never take that bad grades, so I started 2 listen nonstop 2"change" and really changed (haha)!

So thanks 4 beeing the best role model ever in the whole world!! You deserve the best not just in ur B-day, but always, cuz ur such a good person, ur so human (haha)! I'm 15 now, so the music that I recognize me in the song
the most is "fifteen", u describe so good 4 what we're passing trough, it's very comforting 2 know that the most beautiful and talented person in the world passed trough the same things that u r passing, so thanks again, 4 being so true w/ everyone and really put ur soul into ur songs! Seriusly girl, I'll always got ur back, UR THE BEST!

U should come 2 Brazil someday soon, we're waiting anxiously 2 see u around here, u'd be very good received, BRAZIL LOVES YOU TAYLOR!

So, happy B-day, u deserve always the best and continue 2 b the unbelievable human being that u've always been, and I wsh u all the happiness in the world! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU,

From: Ana Paula


Taylor ,
Happy Birthday, i wish you be happier every day in your life.
I love you so, so, so, so much.
I really hope to go on one of your shows here in Brazil.
I'm sure that your thousands brazilian nafs wait for you too

From: Larissa Nunes


I wish you everything good!!

From: Fabio Aoki


I wanna have a best day with you, soon.You are our light *-*''
Wow, 20 years,the years go too fast right? I bet that for you looks like yesterday your life was get out from the reality in your school and go to the labels to try to realize your dreams. And today is exactly the same, the people go behind you. You totally get over it and are an example to all your fans. I just have to wish you everything good, much sucess ans happiness always, even when looks like everything will go wrong.
Always keep iluminating us with your special way to be and with your songs, that i particularly consider an anthem for the girls in the entire world Taylor,you are an example for all of us, that with desire, faith and persistence our biggest and most impossible dreams can come true.
I wish you in this day you have everything good for you and yout personal and professional life.
And a lot of parties for both of us! (Our b-day is in the same day!)
Health, peace and always happiness Tay.

I love your, and Brazil loves you too.

From: Thais Costa


My princess, I wish you all the happiness of the world in such special day of yout life! I wish you to shine much more, and have so much love, peace, health and everything thas best. Don't let any jealous people let you down, because you are better than all of them and there's so many people who loves you I want you to know that you are a so important person in my life, your music is like my personal soundtrack, I remember them all the moments in my life... I keep asking myself how can someone that i don't even know
personally makes such a difference in my life. And you do it. A lot.

I hope you come to Brazil soon...

And again,Happy Birthday Taylor !

From you fan

From: Marcella Gonzalez


Hi Taylor,

On this special day, I´d like to express my love and admiration for you! You´re really
an inspiration for me ´cause through your songs you portray my days, my feelings
and they make me able to see things in a different and good way.
So, I wish that God keep blessing you and that you have a wonderful b-day!!!

I´m waiting you here in Brazil!!!
You need to vist us!!! ;)

Happy Birthday!!! Love u!!!!

From: Liliane Benetti


In 13 december in 1989, a little blond and cute girl, who would be one of the most loved singers in the world born. Now, 20 years later, this girl had won more than 20 awards and had conquered the world with her awesome
voice and her symphaty. You and your band (Grand, Beatiful Princess, Amos, Liz, Al and Liz) are just everything for me, when Im bad, I hear your songs and, sunddely I be fine, no, fine no, awesome.

We, your fans, those crazy people who send you every single day a message on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook, those crazy people who buy magazines with
you in the cover, those crazy people who buy your cds and get crazy when hear your songs. And this crazy people exist in Brazil too, and we want to wish you
Happy B-Day Taylor, we love you.

In this 20 years, I honestly hope that you never change this way to be, who
got all of us.
Tay, a few days later I started loving you I bought a magazine with you in the cover, and I saw that we have SO much in comun, like, I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, my favorite color is purple too, I have to use glasses and I love Chace Crawford, all this before nowing you. And did you now that a guy called Tyler Dean made a song for you ? It call Taylor Swift, that was really cute. :)

Tay I wont lie, you REALLY made things change for me, before nowing you, I just think about being popular no metter what, than I saw your history, that inspired me to follow my dream to be a fashion designer(when I get
famous I'll call you to make a collection with me) and try to go back and be myself. Taylor I LOVE YOU, and im crossing my fingers for you think the same.

You changed my life, for much better, you don't even have idea how much. Your songs helped me in a lot of sittation in life, like my ex-boyfriend was becoming that boring and just care about being popular, so the song "Breathe" and "White Horse" helped me to undertood evrything but I still miss who I thought he was, that boy who used to care about my fellings.

Happy B-Day Taylor Swift I love you and I always will support you don't metter what, I always will love you don't metter what, I always will like yours songs don't
metter what.

So, please Tay, follow me on Twitter ? It is @biiaperdigao17 and do you have AIM ? Mine is biaperdigaobr :)

And you might be expactin me to say something bad about Kanye, and how he ran up on the stage, and ruined yours VMA's monologue. But theres nothing more to say, 'coz evrything is ok, you've got security lining on the stage :)
I bought your new cd, the Fearless Platinum Ediction and I just loved all those extras, making of(Justin Gaston is handsome, oh my god) and Thug Story ? I almost died of so much laughing.

Taylor, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Happy BDay and I hope 2010 be the best year of your life.



From: Bianca Perdigao


Taylor Swift, I love you so much and would love you to come here,
you have many fans here in Brazil, they all have the dream to have
you here with us, we love you so much, we want to come here and do a lot of concerts
here in our country. Brazilians love you, come to show in Brasilia,
Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other cities, I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT

From: Gabriela Ewerton. (bibi_ewerton@hotmail.com)


Dear Taylor,

I wish you a very happy and magical birthday! All the happiness in the world for you! By the way, you’re my inspiration! I love your songs! I listen to them with all my heart and it feels like all my feelings turn into a song.

Thank you for being who you are! :-)

Merry Christmas and congratulations for the 8 Grammy nominations! You deserve it and much more! See you on June 2nd at Washington DC! I’ll be the one with the sparkle heart on the left hand and probably the one singing and screaming like a nut person. (Actually, they say I’m nut) Lol.

I love you!

Your biggest fan

From: Rebecca Florêncio


Happy B'Day my princess! Would like to wish a great day, that your dreams are carried.
Love you so much i hope see you one day here on Brazil LoL ; you're THE BEST as always was.
And continue writting her AMAZING songs for our lifes - AWESOME VOICE YOU HAVE
-xoxo girl, don't forget of me HAHAHA.

Happy Birthday again!

From: Rogger


My name is Letycia. I am eleven years. I live in Brazil, in São Paulo (SP).
I'm your fan too and would love an answer...

Taylor Swift, if you're even reading this, I would say what I feel for you.I love you with a very serious passion, without you my life would be absolutely nothing. I want to tell you is simply the best singer in the UNIVERSE! You are very beautiful, you sing very well, you are so good with your fans, your characteristics are such that frankly does not belong here! I am very excited to know
that you will read this message! And if my life and you are in my choice to live, it is obvious that I would rather die for his perfect life to live ... I love you!


From: Letycia Martins


For me, you are the best singer and songwriter.
You show us that if we follow our dreams, we can realize them.
you are the most charismatic, funny, nice and beautiful in the hole wide world.
You born and will stay forever with thi perfect talent.
For me, if you didn't exist, i couldn't like american music.
You showed me that There are no just only one kind of music. You showes me her best style,
her style, the country, a calm music, good to hear. For me is exactly like you. You are the best!

The most diva of all I Love you Taylor Swift !

From: Gabriela Ewerton


For averything you passed by, nothing could be fairer than you had won your deserved sucess!

Sucha beautiful girl, simple, humble, and charismatic!
Taylor Lautner has a big luck!You make the most beautiful couple of the world!

I wish you be soo happy! Always follow your sucess!
So live the present like you know better!
Health and i wish that God will always be wit you

From: Ridson Oliveira